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The Neighborhood

The Ponce is in the Atlanta neighborhood known as Midtown, which stretches roughly from where Peachtree St. crosses the Downtown Connector just 1/2 mile south of here to where Peachtree Rd. crosses I-85 almost 2 miles north. In between will be found Atlanta's premier art museum, its most historic theater, shops, boutiques, restaurants, and some of Atlanta's finest hotels.

Getting Around

Just one block from the Ponce is the North Avenue MARTA station, one of 4 stations which serve the Midtown area. Two bus routes along Peachtree St. & one along Ponce de Leon Ave. pass right by our building. The building is just 3 blocks from the Downtown Connector (I-75/I-85). In several parking lots around Midtown are the short-term rental cars known as zipcar, which can be rented by members of the program for just hours at a time. Bicycle lanes grace both West Peachtree St., running south-to-north just one block away, and 5th St. running east-and-west just 3 blocks north, and these connect to a lengthy system making an unbroken path all the way to Stone Mountain. Midtown is an especially walkable neighborhood, and the Ponce enjoys close proximity to both drugstores and grocery stores.

Out to Eat

The Ponce is exceedingly lucky to share this part of Midtown with a number of excellent restaurants. Just across the street are Publik, a gastro-pub, which makes an excellent neighborhood restaurant, the Livingston Restaurant+Bar which serves contemporary cuisine in the Georgian Terrace, and the Midtown Diner, a true 24-hour diner with a lengthy menu of classics. New Italian is available just one block away: Lyla lila. Just a few blocks east on Ponce is Papi's Cuban restaurant. Just one block up Peachtree St. is Baraonda, which serves incredible wood-fired pizzas in true italian style. A few blocks further on, will bring up both the Vortex--Atlanta's best burgers. For a more collegiate experience, try The Varsity, which has been serving Georgia Tech students for decades. A few blocks the other direction is the equally historic and equally delicious southern restaurant, Mary Mac's Tea Room, which you can follow up by crossing the street for a Krispy Kreme donut (which we hope re-opens soon after its fire). This is just a tithe on the number of eateries, cafes, restaurants & diners which are within walking distance of the Ponce.

Learn More

A single page couldn't do justice to all the sights and features of Midtown Atlanta, but we will try to give a feel for the area. In addition, please check out these neighborhood roundups for even more information: